Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm finally realizing that no one reads what I don't share.  What, you already knew this? 

When I began this blog it was to work myself through the fear of sharing my writing, establish some kind of discipline, and explore myself through different means.  I've done the daily blogging thing, the travel blog thing, the random thoughts's time to actually start not only sharing, but pushing for attention.  As is often true of writers, I'm more comfortable behind the page - or the monitor - but if anything is to HAPPEN with regards to this love of mine, I've got to DO something more.  So I've been spending time looking over old short stories, snipping and polishing, organizing and trashing, looking for something worthy of submitting for publication.  The problem is nothing ever seems done, because you can usually add more, or shorten, or rake through one last time to sharpen things up.  Letting go of something into which you've woven a little bit of yourself is a little terrifying, because letting go of that baby so that it can fly out into the world invites criticism and rejection.  I'm no sadist, so this naturally makes me nervous.  But without letting go of our darlings, as creative pieces are often called, we rob them of the opportunity to return to us in another form, preferably, published in my case.  

I've searched writers' websites, scoured the internet and bookmarked like mad.  I've started subscribing and reading to get a taste for each publication that called out to me, and I've carefully read over each one's submission guidelines.  I have a stack of note cards on my desk, each one detailing one literary journal, magazine, or e-zine for quick accessibility, and this week I submitted to two of them already.  By the time I hear from either of them I will likely have forgotten I'd even sent anything in, but no matter, because there are many to which I'd like to submit, but a lack of finished material to send.

One literary journal is all food related, though the stories need not be about eating.  Since Chris and I enjoy so very much the experience of new and sometimes scary-sounding food whenever we travel, I bookmarked Alimentum.  A few are travel-oriented, like the Literary Bohemian, but instead of travel pieces, per se, they're looking for quality stories that really transport the reader to another place.  This feels familiar, so onto the bookmark list it went.  Given the opportunity to travel I have, an international readership is attractive, so there are a few of those, plus the regular American big name magazines like the New Yorker, Cimarron Review, and Glimmer Train.  I've also got an all woman journal in the mix and a few that seem a little dark in nature, both showcasing sides of myself.  So a good list, I've got.  Now I just need some new material.

I thought about posting some short pieces here, in hopes of getting some feedback.  Would anyone read it and feel like offering some constructive criticism?  I'm not sure, but it's a thought.  I'm still (slowly) learning the ways of blogs, and am hoping to add more dimensions to this one.  Like a section for fiction writing.

As I've been bad lately, NOT blogging regularly, this is me trying to get back in the habit without the pressure I've put on myself to recount life since July in order.  This, I have little doubt, is the reason for my hiatus, but I'm working on getting over that.  Thanks for stopping back in.


  1. Lindsey. As usual I am in exactly in the same place you are. I am writing, but I need to move on. But looking for magazines to publish in takes away from my already very limited and precious - and hard fought for - writing time. Still, I want to work on getting that Haiti piece to some magazines before the one year mark. BUt mostly I am totally pining away for people to read and critique stuff I have. I am feeling really really lonely - only in the writing sense - in having left you guys at the WRiters; Group. ANyhow. WOUYld LOVE to read your stuff if it helps. WOUld love to share mine. We can post on the group site or send directly to email. I don;t know if there are others who feel that way in the group - with stuff to share but not enough time to get critizques. We could start together and see if anyone else cares to join us. I am going to have limited internet access through mid November but,,,,let's talk and see if you and I at least can encourage eachother and get oneanother to move forward. I MISS YOU! THinking of you all the time - the 30th and all - and also about always being on the same wavelength. I still owe you MY 30th story - but shit the boys are beating eachother up and while I can ignor Aidan's bloody nose I cannot ignore Andrew losing a toenail under the door. I tell you - writing time in my house is LITERALLY fought for! Let's talk though - soon.

  2. Okay, Now that I have actually taken the time to read ALL of your piece - and pacify and feed the kids...

    WOW. COngrats - you are light years ahead of me. Good work on the research. That Literary Bohemia actually sounds good for my Haiti piece - if you don;t mind me stealing your research. I was also going to try the New Yorker and a couple of others people suggested to me. Which they will have to resuggest when I ask in my blog since I have forgotten them all. Yeah me on that score.

    It'd be awesome to be able to work together - kind of push eachother - on getting to that next step. Since I am in the middle of an intercontinental move with four children I believe you will be the leader. But I don't mind stumbling behind if you don't mind me there!

    AS for posting our work on our blogs. Interesting thought. My blogs are usually the seeds for something I end up writing about later. I don't publish the finished works because I have usually moved on to something else by then and also because I am not sure that the more serious stuff I sometimes come up with is stuff people really want to read about. Ie - the rape stories. I keep thinking the blog should be light, AnD MINe was originally SUPPOSED to be about the kids.

    Ah well - how the blogs evolve!

    The other thing would be copyright issues, although I don't think that is a problem at all. We can ask Jim and Karenne. As for people "borrowing"our ideas - so far I am the biggest thief of yours, I believe, and I always tell you when you have planted the seed! (The fishing boat turning into a CT boat!)

    What about doing a strictly literay blog? (ALthough neither of us has DONE a strictly anything blog yet!) Hmm. Let's talk. I have some ideas, but number one it is YOUR idea first and number two, sometimes less structure is more. Like Mondays post, Fridays, post the revision.......but again.....your idea and just something I am running with...

    let's work something out though., WOUld love to be able to help eachother along - even though we are a couple of continents AND oceans apart!!

    Anyone else?

  3. I've tried TWICE to post again since rereading your blog.

    1. CONGRATS on doing so much research into publishing options already. THat is going to be my problem since I am working with limited time. UNtil I get the kids to school sometime in January. (I've thought about New Yorker for the Haiti piece but haven't gone further....)

    2. Neat idea on posting on the blog. HOw would that work? YOu post and we read and send you some comments? So simple and yet so brilliant. I hadn't thought about posting on mine because my blgo was originaly supposed to be about the kids - and be a light read for housewives and such. I didn't know if my audience would want anything deeper than my daily dramas with the twins. Athough, since I am writing about other things now anytway...

    I guess I have two voices. THe light-hearted mom and the sensitive save-the-world- kinda gal underneath,

    But yeah...let me know how you would like to do it. Maybe we can talk over facebook some more too. ASk Jim and Karenne what they think about cipyright and authorship if you post openly online.

    IN any case, I'm in...great idea as always