Thursday, June 17, 2010

There You Are

It's been an especially long week, even though in theory, it arguably should've been a quick and easy one.  Either way, glad it's over and we'll soon be rocking out to some lovely metal.  That's music, if that was unclear.

Tonight was book club; we read The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  Wonderful read.  Loved it.  Cried, even.  Twice, actually.  Melody prepared some good old macaroni and cheese with salad, and pecan pie for dessert.  Southern comfort on a plate, and appropriately so given the story we would be discussing.  I won't ruin it, just go buy it and read it tomorrow.

As always, it was a kicked back evening of girl time, laughing over good food and wine, sharing our opinions and sidetracking from time to time for extra flavor.  There was a new (to me) face tonight and I'm afraid I may have gotten a little too comfortable (or tipsy), but she laughed along with my outbursts of randomness.  I hope she'll be back; she was nice.

By the end, my friend Liz had moved to the seat closest to me and it was nice to have a few minutes of private talk while the girls discussed things like the Twilight Series and bidets.  Liz is moving to Georgia on Saturday and I haven't let myself think about it beyond feigning anger at her for leaving.  The truth is, had one (or both) of us been a little more proactive in the beginning, I kind of know deep down she would've been one of those deeply embedded friends in my life for the long haul.  Scratch that, she's somehow become that anyway, but I guess we could have enjoyed a closer proximity for longer had we not waited so long.  As we both played on the quieter, shy side, it took us longer to recognize that we tend to function on the same level.  She called it having the same quirks as we walked to our cars tonight.  I call it instant connection, like all of sudden I looked up one day and said, "Oh, there you are."  And even though she'll be gone in a couple days, and no one knows when we might cross paths again, I feel like something really special developed very quickly in the space between Liz and me, and I'm so glad it did.  I'm also glad I waited to let escape a few tears until I was safely tucked in my car.  Crying would have only made for a harder departure, and Ashley was ready to go :)  

I know, I sound like I've got a crush, and I guess I do.  A relationship is a relationship is a relationship, meaning, whatever the type or depth, it comes down to the same fundamental core of connection.  The excitement of discovering a new connection with another person is thrilling, whether that connection includes sexual chemistry or a shared love of random, wandering and open conversations, free of judgment and full of laughter.  I met Liz at the very first book club get-together at Farrah's last June, and I remember hearing her say to Farrah that I didn't seem shy at all (I'd introduced myself immediately in a socially bold moment).  Since then our conversations have gone from sporadic to religious at these get-togethers, and from polite to meaningful.  Liz took me out for Indian on my birthday this year and always hugs me like she means it when we run into one another.  If I had to give it a name, our funny little friendship, I'd call it Comfort.  It's like once we noticed each other it was instant kismet, it just took us a little while to notice.

So thank you, my friend, for noticing me and letting me know the strong pull was mutual.  I'm fortunate to have had you nearby for a while before life threw in some distance for kicks.  Somehow I don't worry that we won't keep in touch, nor do I question whether or not we'll get together again sometime.  In time.  For now, enjoy the next adventure, keep doing your awesome mom thing, and take care of you.  And never worry about the difficulties of goodbye, because between friends that doesn't really exist anyway.

Love you.

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  1. Hindus believe people like you and Liz were friends in a former life. THAT'S why you feel that instant connection with some people and not with others. I like that thought. Lovely either way.