Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Lakes

Tuesday, May 10 (still)
South Island

Let's get back to it, shall we?

So after leaping off the Kawarau Bridge at a height of 43 meters, it was time to slowly come back to Earth to enjoy some of the South Island's countryside on our way to see Lakes Pukaki and Tekapo a few hours away.

The day was overcast and the drive felt longer than it probably was, but the scenery was nonetheless amazing and worth stopping to shoot as we went.

What are you looking at?

Along the way, rocky hills rippling the landscape,

     quiet streams cutting across fields,

and still lakes reflecting the beautiful rusted yellow of fall.

Lake Pukaki

Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest peak rests mightily beyond the lake, peaking out from behind thick wisps of cloud.

Lake Tekapo

I loved seeing glimpses of color on kind of a dreary day,
especially the pines here that actually change color, though they never lose their needles, but slowly shed them as new ones grow beneath.

Lake Anonymous
Not really its name, but we couldn't find a sign to tell us which lake this was.  I think it was my favorite, the rocks at its edge so smooth and white.  We'd gone down a random road away from the GPS's instruction to see what we'd find, and this was it, a beautiful, pale blue lake surrounded by forest.

It was a day that began with adrenaline-pumping impulsiveness, and ended with the quiet and beauty of our surroundings.  It would be our last night in Queenstown, which we would spend at Kristin and Matt's over some delicious homemade cottage pie and beer, talking about moves and travels to come.  With plans to meet up again in Auckland in a week and a half's time, we went to sleep that night dreaming of glaciers.

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  1. You should have called this one "Lakes Anonymous." Haha.
    But again, super pretty. The changing leaves (and needles-cool!!) are stunning. I agree, they're the light on a gloomy day.