Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little brag time

If I can't shamelessly use my blog to brag about the good things in life, what good is it?

Last night I experienced a minor emotional melt down over feeling disorganized and incapable when it came to things like LIFE.  What was likely a combination of being tired, stressed, and a little hormonal turned into me unable to reel in the tears, and Chris was a champ while I unloaded before going to sleep.

But today was really productive.  I got a good amount of editing done to a short novel I'm working on getting ready to push out into the world, did some housework AND cooked a healthy dinner - woo!

When Chris got home today from work he handed me a card.  On the front of this card were two items in check-list style, already checked off, reading

1. Kicking Ass

2. Taking Names

On the inside of the card, along with a sweet message about believing I've got it in me, he'd written his own checklist, to include:

1. music for inspiration
2. organization
3. taking a break now and then
4. my undying support
5. publication

and in the bag were these items to check off items #1-3 on his list:
           * 2 CDs, Joss Stone's newest and a Women of Jazz compilation
             - for inspiration
           * dry erase markers & eraser to go with the wipe-off board hidden in the other
              room - for organization
           * and a Snicker's bar - for when I need a break

The only item not already checked off was 'publication,' but of course that's the goal he's trying to help me reach.  No matter how irritated I get at this man from time to time, how can I ever hold it against him when he comes home with this kind of incredible (and creative) support?  I'm so ridiculously lucky, sometimes it's just silly.

That's all.  Just wanted to throw some gratitude out into the universe and give some props to the man in my life.


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