Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Bit of Puppy Love

Lola & Che

It was a long weekend - Columbus Day - one during which we chose not to travel, but rather to play Weekend Mom and Dad to a couple of pups. Their names are Lola and Che, not biological siblings, though you'd never know it. Lola, the clear alpha, eats first, generally gets the toy she wants, and is quick to give a little grumble if Che gets too close. Che, on the other hand, kind of bounces around, sometimes stealing the toy Lola's been hogging and laying on it, and sometimes happy just to find a snug spot near Chris or me to take a snooze. They're adorable little dogs, and it was nice having this kind of energy around the house. They reminded us of how energetic Heidi used to be, the games we played with her, and the particular kind of joy a dog brings into a home. Come Monday afternoon, the moment they were gone the house felt still. We missed them immediately.

I was happy to share some of Heidi's old toys with our little friends, and even ended sending a few home with them after attachments became evident :)

Lola discovered she both loved and hated a ball that makes a funny noise when it rolls. She attacked it with fury, but cried when I took it away to silence the barking.

Che took the prime spot atop the love seat whenever Lola was off playing.

They may appear to be foo-foo dogs, but foo-foo, they are not. Their little bodies are solid and when Che starts jumping around, going crazy because you've just walked in the door, you'd swear a tiny bear was about to knock you over. They're smart little lovers, too, and their personalities have pretty much forced Chris and I to fall in love with them.


Aside from our weekend parental duties, we did venture outside to enjoy the sunny, chilly weather (despite the forecast's call for rain all weekend). Dinner with friends and a visit to Stuttgart's Volksfest during daylight hours was a nice way to spend some time out, but it was always nice to come home because we knew there'd be two little pups excited to see us. 

When the timing is right, I can't wait to bring home a new family member to add a little more love to the mix, but until then, it's nice to know we have friends who are willing to share a little bit of their own puppy love with us. 

It's amazing how such a tiny soul can leave behind such an enormous void in our lives. Even though there will never be another Heidi, dogs like Lola and Che are a welcome balm to the ache in our hearts. 

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