Monday, October 3, 2011

PS - Want E-mail Updates?

I wanted to let you know, whether you're an old friend or a happenstance visitor, that if you like what you find here you can sign up to get a note in your in-box letting you know whenever there's a new post. No spam, just a little flashing light, so to speak, to let you know there's something new to read at From the House of Cole.

If you're interested, just scroll to the very bottom of this page and you'll find a place to type in your e-mail address. Follow a couple steps and you're done. I signed up to see how it worked, so if you get dooped, I'm getting dooped, too!

Happy reading :)


  1. yay!!! I submitted my email address. I love reading your blogs. You definitely have a way with words! Miss you and love you.

  2. So excited about the manuscript (obvs)!! And I'd sign of up for your email notifier thing, but I check your blog like three or four times a week as it is. Is that creepy? I feel pretty creepy.