Thursday, May 3, 2012



It's been a while. Again.

I know.

Will I ever get the hang of this time and energy management thing? I figure as long as I'm here, I may as well keep trying.

One month (out of the last two and a half of silence), I was in the States visiting family and friends, and for the past few weeks I've been trying to figure some things out while getting ready for another public reading downtown. With real people. And a microphone, because my voice gets very tiny when I'm terrified. Being sort of a co-leader this year of Writers in Stuttgart, there was a program to be designed and details to organize. Oh, and something to read, I should probably work on that.

In two days, I will gather with artists and other writers in the basement of a small art gallery, Wir Sind Babel in downtown Stuttgart to (hopefully) entertain a roomful of people, hoping the bar has done its duty to properly soften the edges off of everyone's consciousness. There will be art on the walls and authors reading and people looking and me being frightened that I may do something mortifying when it's my turn in front of the mic. But I'm looking forward to it, as always, as I try to be a little braver when it comes to sharing what means so much to me.

In three days, I will sleep in and heave a sigh of relief that I survived, and start looking, really looking at what it is I plan to do with myself as summer looms closer (6 weeks left of school, but who's counting?). And the blogs will pick back up, most likely starting with the amazing time I had between Florida and New York so recently. The beach, a wedding, friends, and was a nice trip.

Until then, I've got some practicing to do, and an office to reorganize.


  1. Linz,
    i will be thinking good thoughts for you when you sit and that small art gallery!! How fun and exciting knock their german socks off:)

    1. Thank you, Katie :) It went well, though I think I may have made a couple German ladies uncomfortable with my story about elderly hookers :)