Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stick with Cows

Something Learned Sunday

Ha! I did come up with a little bit of alliteration fun for the day after all. Hurray for nerdiness!

As this is the first Sunday of the 30 day commitment, I'm not quite sure how I want to go about it. The format will likely change, as all of these posts will, as I figure things out and find what works and what doesn't, for me as well as for my imagined readers.

So. This week...what did I learn?

With regards to writing:

- writing for these daily posts has been made easier by the categories with which I've associated them, but the amount of time required to come up with something I like enough to write about, and then actually write something I'm happy enough with to post far exceeds what I anticipated. 

- I have a more difficult time writing love with the same intensity with which I depict pain. This was something I never realized before a friend pointed it out over coffee Saturday morning, and it's true. I do tend to push through the happier parts of a story for fear of coming across too cheesy or saccharine sweet, whereas I spend real time exploring the sadder moments. Interesting. Thanks, Travis.

- my work with children with special needs has given me insight that isn't incredibly common, and might be a unique source of inspiration for writing short stories from an unexpected point of view. Must give this some serious consideration and make sure to write sensitively, but honestly.

- a bunch of online resources for everything from query letter help to connecting with agents and publishers in a more casual setting in order to establish professional relationships. 

With regards to cooking/food:

- because of another cooking class with the amazing Claudia, I now know that I do not hate Pfifferlinge mushrooms (because I'm not generally a fan of fungi). This is good news for my mushroom loving husband who never gets to eat them at home, since I do most of the cooking.

- almond milk does not delicious instant pudding make.

In summation, I've got to work a little faster on the blog posts to make more time for writing otherwise, explore what it is to describe love through words, start networking more online with future publication in mind, cook with mushrooms every once in a while, and stick with regular old cow's milk when I've got a craving for pudding.

Lessons learned.


  1. I have noticed the same thing about writing about happy times! Isn't that weird? I'm working on exploring my methods further.
    Also, almond milk pudding? I will make note of that tip.

    1. You saw the word not in that line, right? It wouldn't firm up, it was like chocolate soup. I ate it anyway.