Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thanks, Showtime

Thankful Thursday

On this lovely Thankful Thursday, I'd like to express my gratitude to the Showtime network for bringing Dexter to our living rooms for the past several years.

Really? She's thanking a cable network for some stupid TV show? Well yes, yes I am. And Dexter isn't stupid, so shut up.

Whereas I realize that loving a TV show seems sad, this is one of the few I am really attached to not only because of its compelling premise and well-written script, but also because it makes me feel a little more normal. To write a monster so well that we not only sympathize with him, but cheer him on as he commits serial murder after glorious serial murder, you've got to have talent. As a writer, I can really appreciate the level of skill such a thing requires.

Aside from this, Dexter gives us a reflection of the darker impulses many of us have, but would never act upon. I don't mean to say that we're all a bunch of closet serial killer wannabes who dream of offing every guy who cuts us off in traffic, but come on, how many people haven't fantasized about dismembering a jerk or two who made an already bad day worse?

There was a time I was working on a story idea wherein the main character was not only a serial killer, but a girl. I wanted to work out my anger by writing a surprising and violent story. I looked up articles on all the famous names and took notes about method and psychiatric state. I was in college at the time and taking Abnormal Psychology, so it all kind of went together. I'm fascinated by the human brain and why some people develop certain behaviors, and even more fascinated by that which I totally don't understand. In an alternate universe, I am a brain scientist who studies psychological disorders, I'm sure.

So Mr. Stabby, you say you have to slice up every banana you see or the giant rabbit will murder your family? Interesting.

Of course I'm making light of something that is truly serious and the center of much pain and struggle for many people, but my point is I long to understand the why's and how's of minds that don't function like mine. In this light, I could interview a religious extremist or homophobe with equal fascination. I trust you get my point.

I used to think I was weird for having such an interest in the darker side of the human mind, but if  a show like Dexter is as popular as it is, I must not be alone. That's sort of comforting in a strange and scary way.

The new season starts Sept. 30th. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dear Showtime network, you give us a glimpse into the mind of not just a serial killer, but a serial killer who wants to feel despite his psychopathy, and in doing so, make it okay for us to safely relate to a character who has the freedom to do what we would never admit to agreeing with in mixed company.

And for that, I thank you.


  1. Oh man! We only have 2 more left of the Gellar/Travis season then on to the new one, whoo hoo! This is by far our favorite show as well, good stuff. I agree, the writing is amazing and so thorough. Thx Showtime! :P

  2. I love that you're thankful for Dexter, as am I. Thank you for saying what we're all thinking.