Monday, October 1, 2012

Mazel Tov, Animals.

Mazel Tov Monday

I'd like to begin by being completely honest with you: I'm not feeling it today. I have spent all day trying to come up with something to write, but my mood is low and I am officially done worrying about it. But I did make a commitment, so here it is.

On days like today when the possibility of getting anything productive done has pretty much flown out the window before I'm even out of bed, it's a good time to go trawling around the internet to find something to pull me out of my funk. However, I spent so much time reading through weird news articles I forgot to look for funny things to make myself feel better until just a few minutes ago.

Today I choose to shake my good job stick at for not only bringing us strange news stories, but regular ones, too. Most of all, today I appreciate this website for something posted a good four months ago, something I saw then and sought out again today, just now.

By clicking on these very important words, you will be transported to images that aren't just limited to cats and dogs, no, here you will find horses, bears, fish, otters, kangaroos, and even a penguin. So click. Enjoy. I hope you'll smile. Because photobombers are funny, and animals doing the photobombing can often be even funnier.

Mazel Tov, animals on being entertaining, and Mazel Tov, people who put these kinds of things together to make us laugh, on being awesome. 


  1. Ok, those were hilarious! Thanks for making my morning by sharing!

  2. oh, yeah. that was awesome.