Monday, October 8, 2012

Mazel Tov, ME!

Mazel Tov Monday

I know I said MTM would be for pointing the good job stick at others, but I'm nearly done with the 30 day commitment of daily blogging and I'm damn proud of myself. It wasn't easy, and I'm afraid it wasn't always mind-bending or revolutionary, but I stuck with it. 

When I was down in the dumps, I wrote. When I felt like I had no time, I wrote. And even when I got no comments to suggest anyone else in the whole wide world had read the post that day, I wrote. Yea ME for following through when there was no one holding a gun to my head or guilting me into keeping my word, because that means I did it for myself. This means likely nothing to anyone else, but it means something big to me. I'm not very good at keeping my word to myself, you see, so this gives me hope.

It takes a bunch of tiny steps before you can look back and realize you just made a really big one. Here's to the tiny ones.

Mazel Tov, Me, on making it to the end of my 30 days (tomorrow) without tripping up or justifying away the commitment I made to myself.

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