Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 1 Provence: The drive

We've finally arrived to our hotel in Apt after slowdown after slowdown. As you might have guessed, there is Internet so here I am. Short and sweet is what tonight's will be, and since I'm typing with one finger on my iPod (no laptop after all), I'm making the decision right now to abandon acceptable writing practices and give it to you in fragments. Long drive made longer by loads of traffic. French drivers confuse me. Will move courteously if you're approaching from behind, but will also cut you off and flash and honk and attempt to park in your trunk with their semi, even if you've got nowhere to go. A wonderful discovery-gas station food rocks. Sandwiches put American ones to shame, even our old road trip favorite, egg salad. Quiche and crepes to go. Beautiful. Awesomely cheap hotel is awesomely dormesque, the only thing not two steps from the bed is the toilet, which is tucked away in a plastic closet. Shower door is two feet from my side of the bed. Could've picked up that hitchhiker, since the bed is of the bunk persuasion, and resting crossways over the lower double bed is a single one. Next time. Must also say, after a long day in the car stuck in one traffic jam after another, thank goodness for BBC World and their English speaking ways. Early wake up for the market tomorrow - au revoir.

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