Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 12: So far...

So today marks the 12th consecutive day of blogging, and I have to admit, I wasn't sure it was possible.  I mean I know it's possible, but for me?  This tiny accomplishment marks a larger one for me because daily writing was never something at which I excelled.  I almost feel guilty for the interim that will settle in after tomorrow, for although I'll probably bring my laptop along on our trip, I cannot and will not commit to daily writing whilst soaking up French wine and indulging in ludicrous amounts of cheese, bread, and beauty.  My creative energy will be focused on capturing the week with my camera instead of my computer.

But not to worry; I'm quite certain this trip will be a heavy influence on this blog upon our return.

I should also note that I will be missing the next Writers in Stuttgart meeting, as we'll be somewhere en route that day.  For my fellow Stuttgart writers, I was there LAST Saturday, having either totally missed or forgotten that Claire's session had been moved to a later date, so I'd like the credit for showing up, please.  (It's very possible, probable even, that this was discussed during the first hour and a half of last month's meeting, while I was riding trains and buses and aching shins on my way downtown.)  Regardless, I'm bummed to miss the meeting.  Someone tell someone I stuck to at least my first two goals for the year, the blog and the telling about the blog, please?

Ah, goals.  Which makes me think about a lady named Gretchen Rubin, which makes me want to start writing about that whole thing, but I'm going to have to save that for another time, as my time is limited at the moment.  But I must give her partial credit to the current success of my reaching, or at least responsibly handling my goals, along with the Writers and some pushy, aka, supportive friends.  Thank you, thank you, I'd be a mess of a writer not writing without you.

Now I just need to learn to multi-task so I can work toward goals in different areas of my life at once.  In a week and change.  Till then.

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  1. Awww come on... just a little bit of blogging while you are gone? Something has to inspire you in France, even if it is just to blog so I can drool over all the yummy food!!! I will miss reading your writing next week. Have a wonderful time!