Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 11: Lists

Today's To-Do List:
- gym before work
- work
- call auto shop and set appointment for pre-trip oil change
- buy oil for oil change
- get oil change
- grocery stop  (we'll make do with what's in the house)
- drop off check at insurance office
- call dog sitter to arrange drop off and okay new date
- read 150 pages of book so it's possible to hand off Thursday
- today's blog

no time for proper capitalization for this girl.

and of course the regular daily stuff like attempting to tidy so coming home isn't so stressful, making and consuming dinner, pre-packing tomorrow's gym bag (with tomorrow's work clothes and toiletries) and squishing in a little time to relax before bed, and tomorrow.

Tomorrow's To-Do List:
- gym before work
- work
- laundry
- pack
- charge batteries for cameras, navi, ipods and laptops
- pack cameras, navi, ipods, laptops and appropriate cordage
- read last 150 pages of book to hand over next day
- Wednesday's blog

a side note:  we can now add half-eaten mouse carcass to heidi's repertoire of preferred snacks.  if she can't feast upon what exits the rears of neighborhood cats, she'll take what falls out of their mouths.  delicious.  her latest choices have included snow and duraflame fireplace log.  i think her inner goat is tired of hiding.

Thursday's To-Dos:
- can't even think that far ahead

now i have to go and this will have to suffice for today.  it's time to cook and eat dinner, finish reading tonight's allotment of pages, and so on and so forth.

till tomorrow.

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