Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Day After

After being up through the night with her, Heidi had a visit with her vet this morning and she's going to be fine.  Dr. Dauner (pronounced just like 'downer,' no kidding) looked her over, gave her a couple shots to help her feel better faster, and sent us home with some soft food and a new pill to give her for daily anti-aging help.  Something to do with her head.  We like Dr. Dauner, so we took it and were happy to be headed home.  I was happy because I no longer feared she was going to die from this event, and she, because we were no longer in his office.

On our last visit, Heidi had to be muzzled for the first time in her 15 years.  She's not a big fan of the doc, and honestly, I wasn't either at the start.  But his very cut-to-the-chase, semi-cold, yet efficient and effective style turned out to be the German in him, so we forgive.

I've got to sleep a little now that everyone's okay, but I wanted to thank Christine and Mom for your prompt concern for Heidi's well-being.  Christine, it was a surprising and comforting thing to find your emails overflowing with helpful information from your days at the veterinary clinic; I only felt bad I read them too late last night to call you and thank you then.  You will now be the first person I contact when there's a question to be answered regarding my dog child.  And Mom, I sometimes forget how much you love Heidi, and how you were part mother to her, too.  I'm sorry I got you so worried, but thanks, in the same breath, for that.

Heidi's out on the floor, and off I go to join her.  Good night.

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  1. I'm in a blog! Makes all those years of vet school worth it! So glad everything worked out okay - and that this will just be fodder for your writing! Take care.