Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talent in the Blogosphere

I've made a new friend recently and she told me a little about a blog she's been thinking about starting.  Suzanne is a photographer and has decided to put together a food & photo blog called ShutterCook, in which she'll photographically document herself cooking various recipes, to include the good old, family favorites.  This is something she tells me has been in the works for a while, if only in her plans, but now it's time to jump in.  I was excited to find not only another creative soul with whom to connect, but someone else stepping out into the Blogosphere.  I've taken it upon myself to be her pusher, her nagging supporter as she begins this project because I so appreciate the pushes I got from some of my friends when I first set out.  So as I sat down tonight to write a little something, I decided it would be nice to do a little PR work for my fellow bloggers, because there's a lot of great stuff out there, so why not spread it around a bit?

So be sure to check out Suzanne's blog at which she tells me she'll be officially posting to any day now, by Monday if not Sunday.  I can't wait to see what kind of delicious dishes she'll be walking us through :) and the wannabe photographer in me is also looking forward to the visual aspects of her blog, too.

Another blog I'd love to help get out there is one of a fellow writer and friend, Liz Gaiser.  Her blog, documents her life as an American ex-pat living with a German husband and their bi-cultural kids.  She's a talented writer and quite a comedian, humorously recounting the culture-clashing incidents of daily life.

Christine Steinmann's blog, details the journey of her own, personal growth.  Christine is another American living in Germany and has traveled to many places.  She's a friend from the Writers in Stuttgart group, like Liz, for whom I have a lot of respect, both personally and as a writer.  Be sure to stop by.

Want another great photoblog to walk through? Visit Jim's at for some beautiful photo work and writing to match.

Claire's contribution to the blogosphere is located at and again, she is a talented writer I happen to know and respect, living here in Germany as a foreigner and currently working to find balance in a hectic life.  Great, great read.

In the mood for an Edu-Blog?  Visit Karenne's where this writer and teacher shares her wisdom and vision of the world of learning and teaching English.  Her blog is one for teachers and offers limitless insights into creating effective learning environments.  Karenne is also the founder of the Writers in Stuttgart group, and a writer and woman whom I personally admire.

I hope none of these guys will mind this bit of promotion, I just feel we can all use a little push here and there, and these blogs are excellent contributions not to be overlooked, in my opinion.  I love seeing the different ways we employ blogs in our lives, to further a plight or develop a skill, it's all a glimpse into real people's lives.  Perhaps that's the lure: Voyeurism.  But it's also an extension of the life of the blogger, a piece to be intentionally shared, like the blogs of a couple of my close friends here that I did not advertise.  Farrah and Sara blog to keep family and friends across the world in the know of their lives here, like places visited and their children's feats.  This Blogosphere thing is really something, and has certainly (and unexpectedly) done a lot for me.

Happy reading, and happy blogging.

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  1. Thanks Lindsey. I should do the same - infortunately I have not been able to figure out how to add links. Tried when I first started. A year ago. Maybe it's time to try again. Another thing blogging does - in addition to connecting you to people AND making writing an addiction, a good addiction - is forces you to FINALLY master that computer technology. A bit anyway.