Monday, May 24, 2010

My Kelly

I've just gotten off the phone with Kelly, another easy hour or two spent talking about anything and everything.  Addison, my gorgeous Goddaughter, is acting like "such a two-year-old," she tells me, testing the range of things to which she can apply the word, 'no,' and practicing her skills in drama when she feels she's not getting the attention she requires.  She won't be two until July, so it's clear - she's already mature for her age.

Between the garden variety gripes and stresses about getting into better shape, her husband not realizing how demanding the job of Mother is (at home or otherwise), and just how hot it is in Florida already, we discuss the event that creeps closer each day:  Her trip this summer.  Kelly is finally coming to Europe to see us, and we're both bursting at the seems with excitement.  A few months ago, all of our 'what if' and 'wouldn't it be fantastic if' conversations took a turn and became the 'when you're here' kind.  For three weeks it'll be Lindsey and Kelly time, all day, every day, and I can't wait.

Kelly and I met at UF in 2000, when she moved into the third and final bedroom in our apartment.  My original roommate, Stacey and Kelly had a mutual friend who passed along the info that Kelly was looking for a new place.  We had an open bedroom, so there is was.  We didn't click straight away, as Kelly was more the outgoing, gorgeous, Sorority type, while I was the rather quiet and shy, studious type.  But over time Kelly discovered that Stacey tended to wade more in the shallow end of the pool, and as she and I began to talk more, we realized a very deep connection.

When I think back to my college days, even though Kelly and I only lived together for maybe one year, total, she will always be my college roommate.  Sure, I lived with several others, and had friendships with most of them, but her and my time living together encompassed the very best time in school.  My third year, we lived in an apartment complex called The Laurels, and walking into our place, you'd think you'd accidentally wandered into the home of a couple of divorcees; her style has always been impeccable.  During the time we lived together I know I was certainly the healthiest I've ever been, even now.  We worked out 2 hours every day, between power walks, late night visits to our complex's little gym, yoga, and good old Tae Bo with Billy Blanks in the apartment.  We cooked together, and therefor, ate quite healthy, while keeping tabs on each other's indulgences.  When we studied, we often studied together, though we took different classes.  With our books and notes spread across the dining and coffee tables, the productive vibe in the air kept us both focused until it was time for a much deserved break.  But aside from all the discipline we inspired in one another, there was also a lot of creative energy in our place.  Many days she would paint while I wrote and the energy in the apartment would buzz across our skin; those were my favorite times.  I think that's a big part of what first drew us to one another, the artists inside.

I don't believe it's easy to find someone we truly love and can actually live with harmoniously wrapped up in the same person, so I am so happy to have two in my life:  Chris and Kelly.  We have always said that had we been born differently, we would have made the perfect couple :)

And for three weeks late this summer, we'll be roommates again.  We've already talked about what kinds of things we'll cook together, where and when we'll be sure to get in workouts, and how nice it'll be to just pretend to live together again.  Of course there will be some travel; a few days in Venice and Verona, Italy on a girls trip, and day trips scattered throughout her time here, but what I'm most looking forward to are the mornings.  Coffee on the front deck in the soft morning sun before it gets too hot, yawning and talking about the day to come.  It helps that there is a mutual love between Chris and Kelly, and that for a time, she played Mommy#2 to Heidi, so adores her, as well.  If only she could've brought the baby out, we could've played the Polygamy Family for a few weeks!  But seriously, Chris was around, too, when we lived together and knows exactly what to expect, and he's the one who suggested a girls trip for us, so there you go.  Harmony.  And a pretty wonderful husband.

I can't wait - 62 days to go!!!

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