Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm allowed to have an off day, right?  Not off, as in I forgot or didn't get around to blogging (like this past weekend), but off, as in it's been a crappity-crap-crap day. And I don't believe anyone should have to lie about having a bad day because everyone has bad days, so we can all relate.  I've never been good at hiding it anyway.

Can I start by venting, carefully since I know there are some young and impressionable eyes possibly reading this, about the start of my morning?  For all the people in the world who appreciate others with whom they work, especially those who regularly go above and beyond their assigned duties to make your life easier, let it be known that pointing your finger at said colleague with wild eyes and exclaiming that they had better have really been sick the day before, before a good morning can be uttered is not the optimal morning greeting.  I assured her that I was, indeed, under the weather and then just kind of stared at her while she explained the Murphy's Law of a day that I apparently missed.  She had, after all, been counting on my being there to keep things moving.  I am such a jerk!  What a way to start the day.

And if I call you and ask about possibly hiring you to do some much needed yard work, being fully up front regarding my ignorance when it comes to how much these things run, and you evade the question and ask me to make you an offer, please don't act insulted when I offer a reasonable amount you don't like.  Really.  If you never intended to negotiate, please don't flat out tell me you will.  And please don't, in the face of my first naive offer, tell me to go talk to my husband and get back to you with what we're willing to pay you first, because honestly, it makes you come across a little less honest than I first thought.  What's so difficult about being straight with people, especially since had you been true to your word, we probably would have ended up paying you more anyway.  And now you're out a job and I still don't want to tame my yard, so everybody loses.

Am I being petty?  It just feels as if I've been spoken down to all day and frankly, I don't much care for it.  If I was the type of person who talked down to others or behaved in a way deserving of such rudeness, then I'd suck it up and move on.  But I'm not.  I'm damn nice, so why is it so easy for some people to spit all over that?

Okay.  I'm done.  Sorry for the grumbling.  Happy Tuesday.

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  1. #($*%& Your day just affected ME! I just wrote a touching comment on USING this as a WRITER. Esp that lawn guy incident - classic. But then I lost the comment. See - it's just like that today. If it helps any. I called Liz around noon crying about the school again. SIgh. But you ARE a nice person. Not everyone is there yet. And like you said - you have Chris. So you win.