Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your Story is Ready

* I must acknowledge the fact that I did not blog yesterday, and briefly explain what I was doing instead - reading, editing, re-working, and stressing (a little) over what the piece I would (and did) read at tonight's reading downtown.  So there.*

Tiffany wrote up quick blurbs identifying the night's line-up of readers and a taste of what one might expect from each in coffee lingo, Liz printed up posters and folded above said blurbs to set out on all the tables upstairs tonight at the Calwer Strasse Starbucks, and the rest of us showed up and did our best to entertain.  I must say, we rocked it. Each piece was totally different and greatly satisfying to listen to, so bravo to us!

The second reading is next Monday and I cannot wait.

And having written this much, I'm off, for I've an early start to a very long day tomorrow.  You see, we, my co-workers and I, are accompanying our kiddos to the Special Olympics tomorrow out of town.  Without traffic, we're looking at eleven hours.  Eleven.  I adore my student, but wish me patience anyway.

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  1. WE DID ROCK IT! Everyone was fantastic - from Karenne's poetic beginning to Jim's dramatic reading, Liz's comedy sketch and everything in between - smart, funny, witty, sad....something for everyone.

    Next reading Tuesday, 7PM at the Starbucks on Konigstrasse in Stuttgart - across from the palace!