Monday, May 31, 2010

Still Here

My Mom left me a note on FaceBook asking where I was, because although I'd said I wasn't going to necessarily stick to the daily blogging anymore, it had been THREE days!  And to be honest, I didn't really mean to skip so many days, the weekend just sort of flew.

Chris left Friday for a conference in the States, and is likely still in Chicago visiting Darrell, Emma, and Grampa John as I type this.  It's a lucky thing that the conference is being held only a few hours away from his brother, niece, and grandfather and I'm glad he got to spend some unexpected time with them.

I never sleep well the first night he's gone, because that's when it's the quietest in the house and most obvious that I'm alone.  Well, aside from Heidi and our friend, Bull, who is staying with us for a couple weeks.  Lucky for my peace of mind, our friend is about eighty pounds of muscle and fur, sweet to friends and grumbly (with teeth) toward strangers.  I rented a couple romantic comedies, the ones Chris will no longer humor for me, and made popcorn, cuddling up until I absolutely could no longer keep my eyes open.  That's the only way I fall asleep when Chris is away the first few nights.

I didn't have to spend the next night alone because I drove up to Heidleberg to spend some time with Penny and Jacob.  And lucky for us all, their cat, JJ does get along with dogs.  We talked for hours upon hours, between dinner at the park so Jake could play, and lounging in their apartment thinking we might get around to watching a movie.  Silly us, we should have known it'd been too long since we'd hung out and the talking would not cease until one of us had passed out from exhaustion.

It was really great to see them :)

As Heidi was up and down all night, confused about where she was, so was I.  When we go home Sunday, I tried really, really hard not to fall asleep on the couch.  Really.  But the tireds had me and I was powerless to their lull.  I think I was out for over three hours.  After that, it was time to start cleaning up this messy house.  Always messy, but with Chris gone, I don't have anyone to talk to or hang out with for so many hours more than I'm used to, I tend to fill that time with productive activity.  I didn't even think about the blog, shame on me!

Today I took a trunk full of recyclables to base, returned two movies and got two more, bought a decent lawn mower, oil, light bulbs and curtain rods for the kitchen, and actually vacuumed!  Crazy, I know.  The ugly, metal blinds in my kitchen are now gone, replaced by light, white curtains.  The dishes are washing and I managed to fit in a potentially scary movie while it was still light out to keep from taking fresh images to bed with me to freak me out while I'm trying to go to sleep.  Smart, right?  I didn't get to several things I wanted to this weekend, but I imagine it won't be hard during the week, as my evenings will not be occupied by hanging out with my husband.  As with all things, it's good and bad, and I'll take advantage of what I can while I've got the opportunity.

I think this has been a rather boring post, but this was my weekend.  Nothing monumental has happened and I haven't experienced any Earth-rattling revelations.  I've got some work to get to this week, which may take the place of a few nights of blogging, but I'm still going to be around, throwing words out for all to see.  Hopefully some of them will be good.

Happy Memorial Day.  Thanks to all those who support freedom.      


  1. Sounds like MY Mom! if she doesn't see a blog for a while, she assumes I've gone off the deep end!

  2. Although now that she's spent some time with me and the kids she's wondering when I find the time to write at all! (Wee early morning hours Mom, or when the TV's on)

  3. I love what you said about Chris being gone... we'd rather have them around of course, but we make the best out of it when they're not.