Monday, May 17, 2010

Esslingen Weinwanderung 2010

Sunday, May 16

The Esslingen Wine Walk.  It's an annual event where anyone who enjoys the outdoors and a nice glass of wine can meet up with friends and hike up into the vineyards of this charming town, sampling wine that comes from the very vines they pass.  This was Chris and my second time taking part and it was a blast.

Though the day was cloudy and a little chilly, we were thankful the rain stayed away.  Walking through these vineyards was a peaceful experience, assuming you could ignore all the bustle of fellow hikers, as it was a rather crowded event.  But the bustle, too, was something to be appreciated.  The happy chatter of friends was the soundtrack to this day, and who doesn't like that kind of music?

We got to Esslingen around 12:30 and met up at the base of the hike path with the Wisneski, Leadbetter, BonDurant and Robbins families, as well as Ashley and Suzanne.  With children and puppy dog in tow, it was time to start the hike.

Wendy and Kyle's oldest baby is fifteen, like Heidi, so Guinness enjoyed the hike in style.  

Grace and Eve having a dandelion war in the vineyard. 

Wendy (Grace's Mom) and Chris at the start of it all, wine glasses already filled and nearly emptied!

Diane and I squaring off with the cameras.
Oh, and the gorgeous scenery that surrounded us on this fun day, as we walked the paths that took us up above the town.  Nice, huh?

It seemed we kept losing each other as we walked on, and half the time it was because someone had run into someone else they knew who'd come out for the Wine Walk, too.  Friends and co-workers abound, the wine was flowing and the good times, too :)

The Robbins to the left and Chris trying to photobomb behind Sara and me.  Isn't she talented?

Chris, lovely, sweet Diane, and I, taking a load off and enjoying wine and some snacks along the way.
(Is that Sara on her iPhone back there?  Probably sending Farrah in the States a picture we just took.  We missed you, Farrah!)

In the end, the Weinwandertag was a lovely excuse to get together with friends and enjoy a little bit of something that the land has to offer here.  I believe we got back to the car around 10pm, so needless to say, it was a fun day.

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  1. WE live in Esslingen for a while when we first got here. Cute town.